About Us

High Five is a platform enabling customers to “high five” customer-facing employees to reinforce and reward high quality service through an app. The customer-initiated, positive only feedback is shared in real time with the employee through the app and their employer through a dashboard. The platform is flexible and portable allowing employees to work multiple places with their high five activity following them and allowing customers to provide feedback to anyone anywhere from one app that is fun, fast and easy to use.

Deeper Customer Loyalty
Enable customers to express gratitude quickly & easily. 

Build a connection between customers with your front line employees.

Accentuate positive customer experiences.

Higher Employee Engagement
Reward employees for high quality service in real-time

Validate and reinforce desired behaviors

Empower employees to be the ambassadors of your brand

Enhanced Customer & Employee Insights
Understand what they value
Track their footprint
Identify promoters

Monitor behaviors
Track service quality
Know your stars


Meet the Team

Allie Capeless
Co-Founder & CEO

A licensed clinical social worker and licensed marriage and family therapist with experience working in both clinical and administrative settings as a direct provider, manager and business owner.

Experience working in human resource management, advertising account management and service-related industries. 

Raj Krishnan
Co-Founder & CTO

A cloud architect, sales executive and app development and analytics professor with experience in the high technology industries in multiple domains including manufacturing, aviation, database marketing, consulting, financial services and healthcare.

Experience working for several fortune 500 corporations and top tier consulting companies and leading startup ventures.