Meet Maria

Meet Maria Alvarez, a hardworking, self-providing Business Administration and User Experience Development major at DePaul University. Maria has been working in the customer service industry ever since she turned 14. For the past six months, Maria has been spreading positivity through the library with her charismatic research tutoring skills. When asked why she enjoys being a research tutor she stated, “I like doing it because it's a job where you're always learning on the go and always learning new information. People are depending on you for your assistance and it's nice to be able to help people out.” She continued, “Being able to teach someone something new, it is a special thing.”  

Maria provides tutoring in person as well as online, the disconnect occurs when she tutors people online because it’s hard to understand if people completely understand what you’re teaching, or the extent to which they appreciate your help. I asked whether she thought people express gratitude based on good customer service and she brought up an interesting point and claimed, “I think people are intimidated to ask for help so when they get that help, they are grateful for that instant result of being able to understand a concept.”  

I asked her, what motivates you in life? She began, “Coffee...” and continued, “I’m just kidding, what motivates me is the ability to be successful for myself. I work really hard to provide for myself, I don’t really have anyone helping me. Supporting myself makes me feel accomplished. I feel successful and I feel proud of my hard work. It makes me happy to be able to completely rely on myself and not need to depend on anyone else.”  

Maria is an independent, hardworking, positivity-spreading woman who has a very positive future ahead of her. Thanks for Maria for sharing your story with us at High Five Movement.

Lilianna Pavlicek