Meet Amenh

Dr. Amneh Arnous is a dentist and partner at 1st Family Dental Pulaski office and formerly the owner of Maya Family Dental. Amneh is one of the most kind, caring and considerate people I’ve met. She has such a loving soul, it is easy for her to brighten up anyone's day.  

Coming from Syria in 1995, Amneh set out for a life change when she moved to the United States. She has been perfecting her skills as a dentist for twenty years now. Her favorite part about her job is being able to make others happy and alleviate their pain. To Amneh, the most important aspect of customer service is the result of a happy customer. When I asked what she does to ensure her employees provide great customer service she asserted, “Feedback and following up with clients.”

To reward employees for providing great customer service, Amneh says they provide a bonus in the form of a gift card as well as recognition of their hard work and excellent service among their entire team. Sometimes, being recognized among your peers feels even better than a gift reward. She feels good when her employees feel good. I asked what makes her happy and she wholeheartedly said, Making people that come in to see me happy makes me happy.” Thank you for sharing your story with us Amneh.