Why High Five Movement?

In addition to commercials, musical entertainment and of course the game itself, the over 100 billion viewers who tuned in for last night’s Super Bowl LIII also witnessed a slew of high fives that took place before, during and after the game between players, coaches, fans and staff.  Being such a common occurrence, you may not recall each time you saw a high five. Because even though it originated in sports (whether you’re in the camp of the MLB baseball game origin story or college basketball game origin story), the high five has become much more than a celebratory gesture limited to great sports plays.  In fact, if you were born anytime after 1980, you’ve probably been giving high fives since before you could walk.  

A universal gesture that toddlers learn alongside clapping and crawling and that everyone knows and loves, the high five has expanded to be a way of one person letting another know— I see you, I love what you’re doing, and I want to acknowledge you in this moment —whether it be to express encouragement, gratitude or congratulations.  It's the shared experience of this giving and receiving that make the high five so special and why it’s mutually beneficial. We at High Five Movement seek to capture these shared experiences between customers and employees. We believe customers should be able to quickly and easily “high five” employees who provide them with high quality service, knowing that the employee and their supervisor(s) receive the feedback in real-time. We believe employees deserve to be acknowledged and recognized for a job well done. And we believe employers should know what their customers value and all the great acts of service their employees provide. Our positive-only feedback mobile app has started a movement to do these—Welcome to High Five Movement.