Meet Omesha

Omesha has been working in customer service for 24 years in places such as the airport, a loan store, and a residential property. When asked her favorite part of her work, Omesha immediately replied “My customers.” She chuckled and seemed to be recalling something and went on to say, “I’ve met all kinds of people.” She paused and continued, “some nice and then some not as nice in the beginning but then in the end would leave on a good note, which was good for both of us.” She said, “You have to have that certain mindset.” Omesha went on to say that she enjoyed “being helpful” and “seeing if she could assist” her customers, that “it’s a blessing to see people happy.” She said people would get lost in the airport and “sending them in the right direction was always good.” Omesha said that being praised for customer service “feels good and motivates you to go a little bit further” and “go a different angle” to help them when they need it.  

When asked what makes her happy, Omesha without hesitation said, “my family.” She shared about her 2 boys, one 23 and one 24. The oldest is in school to be a chef and the youngest has 3 books on Amazon and runs a t-shirt company. She has one granddaughter and another grandchild on the way. She lives with her “wonderful husband of 15 years,” who has been in the military for 18. Omesha’s parents are “still alive and well.” Thank you Omesha for sharing you’re a part of your story with us.