Meet Josi

Department stores can be overwhelming to say the least, and it is crucial they employ people who strive to make the customer experience as seamless as possible—Someone such as Josi, who is hardworking, kind and passionate about providing distinguished customer service. Josi has been working for a large clothing retail store going on two and a half years, circulating his positive attitude throughout the Kids, Men’s and Shoes departments.  

Josi loves being around people, and just by talking to him, you really could tell he was the type of person who wanted to make a positive impact on any and everybody that walked into the store. Josi said he strives for efficiency, as he understands most Chicagoans are on tight schedules every day. He aims to be as friendly as possible, “If I can do my part to make someone else’s day just a little bit better, that makes me feel happier with myself.” Josi also enjoys the company of his coworkers stating, “I’ve made some really good friends here, they began to feel like family and that’s one reason I look forward to coming to work.”  

When asked what he valued most in life, he expressed, “My sense of health and wellness. I aim to achieve positive states of wellness mentally, physically and socially. By having a great state of health, I can enjoy my life and attack all the challenges in it. Living in a comfortable state makes me happy and having the chance to improve my lifestyle makes me very happy.” Josi is the first member of his family to get a college degree and he is very proud of that. He strives for success with the motivation of repaying his loved ones after the sacrifices they made to help him receive his education. Thank you Josi for sharing your story with us.