Meet Grace

A coffee shop makes for the perfect comfortable escape to get work done, enjoy your thoughts or simply just enjoy a good cup of coffee. While it was a new environment for me, Graciella Banks sat next to me as a returning customer who is completely satisfied with the experience Royal Coffee provides for her. Graciella recently moved to Chicago to endure an intensive Spanish immersion program in order to become a certified Spanish teacher abroad. She loves Royal Coffee because of their sense of community and how it makes her feel at home. She is typically a homebody, but when she needs some good, friendly human interaction, this is where she comes. I posed the question, what is the most important aspect of good customer service? She stated, “A welcoming attitude, that is what encourages customers like me to return.” 

When Grace receives good customer service, she makes sure to let the staff know. Also working in the customer service industry as a server in a restaurant, she understands that small gestures go a long way. “I like to leave nice notes for the employees because I know it makes them happy to know they made me happy.” Graciella had such a positive aura about her, and the way she expressed gratitude was incredibly meaningful. I was able to notice the reaction of the employee as they read her note on the receipt. Their eyes widened along with a grinning smile. Such small expressions of gratitude can make such a big difference in someone’s day, as you never know what someone may be going through. Sometimes they just need that note of kindness. I finished off by asking Graciella what makes her happy in life, to which she expressed, “Loving myself the same way I love the most valuable people in my life, that’s what makes me happy. Tacos too.” Thank you Graciella for sharing your story with us.