Meet Jesus

Old friends. New Friends. Conversations. Drinks. Whatever your intention for going, the aim of bars is to entertain and have fun. Jesus Carrasco enjoys making people happy, one of the main reasons he bought and became the owner of Blue Light six years ago. “If I can create an environment where people can come to forget about their problems just for an hour or two and have fun with their friends, or even simply meet new people, then that is my goal,” Jesus explained. Everyone wants to be a satisfied customer but what does that really mean? Jesus stated, “Good service is about positivity, I want to provide people with fun and stress-free experiences so they can focus on having fun.”

Jesus is a leader who ensures the success of his business through personally training each individual employee. He explained to me his high standards when it comes to providing service for others. He insisted, “The only way to know how you’re doing is to ask for feedback right away,” which made me think about our own concept of real-time feedback and how beneficial that can be. People like Jesus gain happiness from making others happy and these are the people who continually spread positivity throughout their life. If you can focus on the positive you forget to even reflect upon the negative and life becomes a lot easier. Thank you Jesus for sharing your story with us.