Dropped Baton

On my mission to connect employees with online reviews that mentioned their name, I decided to go see a Nail Technician at a Nail Salon & Spa who had been called out my name. Luckily, the said employee was there, and as I had anticipated based on the review, she was friendly, attentive and truly seemed to care about her clients. After having such a pleasant experience myself, I asked her how people typically reacted to her great customer service. She told me that people will express thanks in-person and that customers may review the business online. Perfect. I asked her if she had heard about any of those, to which she said no.  Another baton dropped.

I decided to pick up the baton and read verbatim the review written by a mother of 3 young daughters who was visiting Chicago and had taken them in to get manicures and had described said employee as “attentive and responsive” and how she had even fixed one of her daughter’s nails who smudged it twice following the manicure. The reviewer encouraged locals to ask for said employee. After reading this comment to said employee, her face lit up with a smile that reached ear-to-ear. She had no idea about this positive review and hearing it for the first time seemed to boost her positivity even more. She thanked me for this new information.

This is what I believe is the most important aspect of leaving positive reviews, that those who provide great customer service know about your expression of gratitude and get to feel that sense of importance. Those who provide great customer service need and deserve that feeling of gratification.  In fulfilling my mission to connect reviews with their people, most of the time the baton had been dropped. They never knew about it or I can’t even find them because they no longer work there.