Meet Raya

Meet Raya, a first time Chicago visitor, in town for an internship interview. I had the pleasure of meeting this bright and kind soul at Osmium Coffee Bar as she prepared for an interview. I asked Raya what her favorite part about coming here so far was, to which she responded, “I really like the aesthetics of the place, it’s very comforting. The people are really friendly as well. Look at this card that was on my table, it reads, “Have Hope. It’s okay not to be okay.” Little things like this make a big difference in someone’s day.”  Raya stated that making a guest feel comfortable in their environment is the most important aspect of good customer service, “Take me for example, this is my first time in the city and I’m quite nervous for this interview...However, I’ve found comfort at this spot as this is my second time here in two days.”  

I asked Raya how she express her gratitude when she receives great customer service. She responded, “I usually just tell someone when I think they have great customer service. I work in the customer service industry as well and I know it feels great to hear about good customer service immediately.” It is so simple to make someone’s day just a bit more positive, such as the note on Raya’s table or how Raya told the cashier that day how kind he was and how happy he made her. When asked what makes her happy in life, Raya claimed, “Being at complete peace with myself and taking life one day at a time. Lately I’ve been really noticing the beauty and kindness within everyday situations. Sometimes, people are too busy or too distracted to notice these kinds of things.” Thank you for sharing your story Raya and good luck with that interview!