Meet Gabrielle

Meet Gabrielle, a flight attendant of 5 years who has a smile that brightens up the mood of the entire plane. With such a bright and positive personality, I had the pleasure of meeting Gabrielle on my recent international flight. Her favorite part of her job “is making the experience of flying on an airplane for passengers a positive and comfortable one. I know a lot of people have a lot of fear and anxiety when it comes to flying and I like to be there to try and be a positive reinforcement of comfort.”  One thing I noticed was that Gabrielle treated each individual equally with the same amount of respect and care. I mentioned this to her and she said, “I treat each and every passenger how I would want to be treated if I were flying.” In discussing customers providing feedback to flight attendants, Gabrielle stated,”I do think receiving more positive feedback in the workplace would improve overall customer service and attitudes in general.”  When she’s not comforting those flying in the air, she’s traveling around the world to different countries. What an adventurous life! Thank you for sharing your story with us Gabrielle. 

Lilianna Pavlicek