Meet Kenneth

Normally when I go out to eat alone, I bring something to entertain myself. However, I forgot my book on the train but I think everything happens for a reason because I was able to meet Kenneth. While sitting down waiting for my food, I noticed a man across from me was doing the same thing. While we waited for our food, I introduced myself and asked a few questions. One thing we had in common was that Nando’s is both of our favorite restaurant. I asked what his favorite part about coming here was and he began, “Typically I don’t like going to restaurants by myself because for whatever reason people are embarrassed to do that.”  He continued, “But I really like the atmosphere here, it makes me comfortable so there is no room to feel embarrassed or alone. Plus, at this point, I know a few of the employees and they’re really nice to me, so I appreciate that.” He went on, “Sometimes I feel like as a black young man, people don’t treat me good. They already have preconceived ideas about me before I even open my mouth. I like coming here because they’ve always respected me straight off the bat.”  

Respect plays a huge role in good customer service. Everyone wants to be treated well. When I asked Kenneth what the most important aspect of good customer service is to him was, he described, “Feeling respected and treated as an equal. If someone can make me feel good about myself, that’s always a plus too.” Kenneth explained to me that expressing gratitude towards the employees who treat him so well makes him feel good, “It’s a nice feeling to feel like you made an impact on somebody else’s day.”  Something so small as being respectful and expressing gratitude can have such a large impact on somebody. Kenneth’s meal approached the table and he concluded, “when other people put in effort to make me smile, that’s something real nice.” Expressing gratitude makes others feel nice in the simplest way possible. Thank you Kenneth for sharing your story with us.