Meet Lizzy

On my mission to connect reviews with employees, I came across LUSH. A freshly made cosmetics store that people raved about on a well-known review site mentioning exceptional customer service but forgetting the names of those who helped them. I decided to go check it out and try and meet some of these employees.

As I walked in, I was kindly greeted by Lizzy. She asked me a lot of important questions concerning my skincare and the products I was looking for and seemed like she truly cared about finding the exact match for me. After finding a great fit of products, I told her how remarkable her customer service was and about my mission.

We talked about if providing feedback in real-time might help people remember specific employees and if that would be meaningful. “Of course!” She went on to say that “the biggest problem is that we’re all so busy. We all so have so much on our mind so by the time you remember to finish a task, it’s almost already left your brain.” I explained that the High Five Movement is so fast and easy that it’s done in a matter of seconds and has pictures to help with recognizing employees. 

She also liked that we are a positive-only platform, sharing that “People focus on negativity too much if you can’t meet all of their standards. I think having it be positive feedback only is key because it continues the cycle of positivity and gratitude.” If other employees are treating customers as Lizzy treated me throughout the entire experience, I feel assured knowing that High Five Movement provides an easy and fast way to recognize them and show appreciation. 

When I told Lizzy how much I admired her positivity and her care for the customer, her smile widened, and her eyes twinkled. Sharing gratitude makes everyone feel good. It makes the world a better place. Thank you for sharing your story with us Lizzy.