Meet Tony

On the weekdays, Tony studies Business at Loyola University and on the weekends he explores new neighborhoods in Chicago searching for the best brunch in town. So far one of his favorite spots is Pick Me Up Cafe, a Wrigleyville local spot where we had the opportunity to meet. Aside from adoring Pick Me Up Cafe for their exceptional food, Tony stated, “The customer service is amazing. Every employee is so kind and caring, I’ve never experienced a place like this. It has a very cozy neighborhood feel.

Agreed. I dug deeper into the question and asked what amazing customer service meant to him, and he explain, “Feeling like you’re valued and you deserve to be there. I want to feel like our interaction means something to you, not you just trying to get rid of me as quick as possible.”  I couldn’t help but think how employees often feel the same way about their interactions with customers. It reminded me how we are all human and often feeling the same thing, no matter what role we happen to be in at the moment.

When Tony experiences good customer service, he let’s the employee know immediately because if the roles were reversed, that’s how he would want it to be. So I asked, how does that make you feel? He claimed, “It makes me feel good to know I made them proud of their effort. I like to make sure their effort is recognized.” As for Tony, seeing his little sisters happy brings him happiness. When he’s not hanging out with his siblings, he’s playing basketball or trying out new restaurants and cafes. Thank you Tony for sharing your story with us!