Meet Ancit

As I cross the street, I look into the reflection of my phone screen and see the sun glistening in the reflection. What a beautiful day. I look up to appreciate the weather and see a photographer setting up a tripod and capturing people walking down Jackson. I was curious about his view on this beautiful day in comparison to mine, so I walked up to him. His name was Ancit, a 20 year old, local self-taught freelance photographer. his favorite part of the job is “meeting new people and capturing their energy to create art.” He continued, “I see the potential shot and being able to save the moment for a lifetime means a lot to my customers.” Ancit works hard to balance what he sees as potential shots with what his client is wanting. Ancit does what he loves for a living, he keeps his eyes on the prize and is a very motivated individual. Regarding the most important aspect of customer service, Ancit shared “I have to make sure both of our visions are aligned, otherwise neither of us will be happy. Making my client happy and satisfied with the final product is critical. I want them to want to keep my photographs around forever, to document their life.” Thank you for sharing your story Ancit.