Meet Jesse

 As I waited in line to order my medium caramel iced coffee with an extra shot of espresso, I heard the man in front of me emphasizing how great the customer service was at Colectivo Café. After ordering a needed boost of energy, I sat down next to this man to ask him what good customer service truly meant to him. He introduced himself and shared that he was a regular, as he stopped by whenever he’s in Lincoln Park. He comes to Colectivo to do one of two things, focus or distract himself. Jesse describes good customer service as being recognized and valued. When this happens, he views the person as a friend rather than an employee. “When people begin to build a relationship with you it adds more than a simple employee/customer interaction. This is when I feel special and valued as a customer.” I asked Jesse what makes him happy in life and he stated, “Seeing my family happy… Actually, seeing anyone happy in general makes me feel happiness.” Thank you for sharing your story with us Jesse.