Meet Natalia

Meet Natalia, a kind and sweet young woman I had the pleasure of sitting next to during my manicure at Le Nails. She is also a regular at this particular spot. When I asked what her favorite part about coming here was, she responded, “It’s very relaxing, they’re very welcoming and kind. There’s a personal connection because I’ve been coming here for about 6 years. I’m a loyal customer so they treat me really nice, which is why I continue going.” Natalia is a loyal customer because they make her feel important and special. They value her. I followed up by asking what the most important aspect of good customer service meant to her and she said, “Feeling like my opinion matters and like I am being listened to. When someone is doing my nails, it’s important that they check in with me throughout the process. If I love the result, I’m reminded of the great service over and over again. It makes me excited to go back.” She explained that whenever she receives great customer service she always expresses gratitude. “It makes me happy to see that they’re proud of their work and that they know it made me happy. I think when other people recognize others happiness it brings them joy.” What makes Natalia happy? “Being around other happy and positive people in an environment where I feel comfortable, happiness is truly contagious.” Thank you for sharing your positive energy with me Natalia!