Meet Sara

As I eagerly walked into Studio Lagree in search of a new Pilates studio, I was greeted by Sara, a kind and caring young woman who had a great deal of information to offer, even though she was a fairly new employee there. Sara’s job is versatile, as each person wants something different, and she aims to cater to the specific needs of clients. Always learning and improving, Sara enjoys “meeting the clients and developing relationships with them.”  When I asked how it feels to be recognized for great customer service, she stated, “It feels great, it feels like everything you do is worth it.” She also mentioned more positive feedback would increase her own desire to exceed work goals. When asked if people express gratitude enough for good customer service she explained, “No. People care what others think too much. I think if people stopped caring about being judged for every action they take, more people would be comfortable expressing gratitude.” Sara strives to make others happy. Having a purpose in life is what makes her feel at one with herself. Thank you for sharing your story with us Sara.