High Five Activity & Stats: Urban Fuel Coffeehouse


urban fuel coffeehouse

A relaxed and rustic yet hip atmosphere where customers can count on delicious organic food, coffee and tea. Open for breakfast and lunch six days and dinner one night per week, Urban Fuel is a great spot to eat and drink, chat with friends, play a board game, get work done using their complimentary WIFI or listen to live musicians playing several times per week. urbanfuelco.com

STATS from 8/9/18 - 10/11/18

high five TOTAL

272 High Fives

high five attribute totals

150 Friendly

129 Helpful

107 Knowledgeable

111 Kind


16 Urban Fuel Employees

5 Musicians

90 Customers


high five comments from customers

“She’s the best person at her job! When I see her at urban fuel my day gets better and better :)”

“Thanks for the great recommendation on the breakfast sandwich. It was delicious!”

“Always on her A game and super helpful!”

“Always super helpful and welcoming whenever I walk in the door! Takes care of customers quickly!”

“Made some bomb quiche!”

“She suggested a honey cinnamon latte that she likes and it was exactly what I wanted and I didn't even know it. Perfection. Thank you!!!”

“Tessa was amazing! She was very knowledgeable about the menu, especially the teas! Thank you for your great service😊”

“Fantastic performance!”

“She inspires me every time I see her :o)”

“She has an incredibly beautiful voice🎤”

“Prepares beautiful food✌🏼”

“She’s just super sweet💕 “

“Great music tonight!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 “

“Little Big Town cover was great!”

“Love the Petty cover!!”

“The best cover band north of Chicago!!”

“So entertaining and talented!”

“Never disappoints...delicious food every time!”

“Te is the best!”

“Very helpful!”

“Helped order for us and our friends and gave very good advice. 10/10 would recommend.”

“Awesome! Thank you for the wonderful service!”

“Awesome band! Great music! Enjoyed listening to them so much!”

“Hard worker, very friendly and personable.”

“Great service! Super friendly and personable 😊 “


“Tessa provided the right amount of attention to our table.”

“Loved my hot beverages that he created for me!! He’s amazing!!!”

“Fun loving musicians with a great sound!”

“Fantastic food! Even with our needy orders 😂”

“Thanks Tay!  Always super awesome!”

“Terri is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She cares about the customers as people first, and you will always feel welcome at Urban Fuel. She’s a beautiful person who built a great establishment.”

“That s’mores latte was fantastic! Thank you!”

“Great music!”

“So down to earth. Love visiting her place!”

“Terri was the first person I met when I moved here a year and continues to be an amazing person inside and outside of Urban Fuel. This place is awesome!”

“Prompt and friendly!”

“Absolutely amazing food. Thanks man!”

“Gooooood foooood!!”

“Eirien is a wonderful cook! Thanks for being awesome!”

“My friends visiting from Madison absolutely adored Urban Fuel. You've done great things for this community, Terri! Thanks for being awesome!”

“Tessa's positivity and smile always brightens my day!”

“Great music!”

“Best barista ever😘 “

“Great music, great people!”

“The space is just incredible.”

“Amazing atmosphere, amazing food, and great people.”

“Great fast service - thank you”

“Always makes rocking food! Always has a smile too!”

“Always rocking it when I come in to Urban Fuel!”

“Always awesome and helpful!”

“Terri has always been great and welcoming!”

“Urban Fuel is totally worth the drive because of the great food and service she offers!”

“This guy’s awesome. Best musician in town!”

“Always great to have Anna help us out!”

“Always have a great Urban Fuel experience when Tessa gives us a helping hand!”